Too much MONTH left at the end of your MONEY?

The Better Budget Guide & Workbook is the solution!

THE Better Budget
Guide & Workbook

Learn how to break your negative money habits and make a budget you can actually live on!

Discover the peace of mind that comes from finally taking control of your finances – rather than forever being controlled by them.  


No more fancy math, no more failed resolutions, no more frustration!
  • Simple strategies for creating a budget you can actually stick to
  • Step-by-step instructions customized to your specific needs
  • Easy-to-follow assignments that put theory into practice
  • Lessons on tracking your expenses, learning to say no (so you can say yes later), saving for the future, and figuring out how to prioritize it all
  • Exercises to avoid budget meltdowns, improve communication
    and clarify your goals
Imagine for a moment what it would feel like to live without any financial stress, arguments, worry or guilt.
Imagine paying all your bills, without a moment of concern over whether you have the money in the bank to cover them.
Imagine making a big donation to a cause you care about, knowing you can afford to give generously.
Imagine returning from vacation, and not being greeted by a single credit card bill, because you paid for the trip in cash.

You can keep imagining, or you can
make this your reality.

Budgeting Can Be Tough

It’s not the numbers part — that’s usually fairly straightforward.

But the behavior part of budgeting is another story.

Sticking to a budget is hard work.

No matter how good our intentions, sometimes our circumstances eclipse our systems. We put strategies and systems into place, only to have them trumped by our bad money habits.

If you struggle and stress about money, I have good news: Budgeting can be so much simpler and less stressful with the Better Budget Guide & Workbook ebook set.

No two families are exactly the same.

No two budgets should be exactly the same, either.

The Better Budget Guide & Workbook breaks the cookie-cutter mold for budgeting. Instead, you will learn how to create an individualized plan that works for you, your family, and your specific situation.


You will get all the tools you need to finally take control of your finances so that you can provide for your family without stress, arguments or guilt trips.

The Better Budget
Guide eBook

Are you sick of money stress? Budgeting can be simple when you use the method taught in the Better Budget Guide. Learn to clarify priorities, set realistic goals, control your spending, and get on the same page as your spouse.

The Better Budget Workbook

This step-by-step electronic companion to the Better Budget Guide comes packed with 46 pages of activities, worksheets, tracking pages and budget planners. Turn theory into practice, so you can finally make a budget you can stick to.

The Better Budget Guide & Workbook Set

Get the most value and save 25% when you buy the Better Budget Guide & Workbook ebook set together. This complete set has the theory you need and the guidance you crave to finally master making and living on a budget.

Hi there! I’m Mara – and I poured my heart into writing the Better Budget Guide for you. This is the book I wish I had read ten years ago, when I first started getting real about my finances.

FULL TRANSPARENCY: I’m not a financial planner. I’m not a CPA. I’m just a wife and a mom who always believed that money was powerful and magical.

It had the power to magically slip through my fingers while I wasn’t even paying attention.

Then one day, I woke up and said ENOUGHEnough worry, enough stress, enough self-doubt. I was ready to face my money demon head-on.

By using the lessons I share in the Better Budget Guide, my husband and I went from spending $1,000 a month more than we were earning, to eliminating $35,000 of consumer debt and saving $20,000 for our emergency fund. Now, every month, we live within our means, without stress or guilt.

Turns out my money demon wasn’t as invincible as I thought. And it doesn’t have to be for you, either.